Loophost: Technical Details

Who is it for?
Eventually, anyone writing things for the web - whether that's web applications, static HTML websites, mobile apps, or low-level networking tools. For today, it's every developer who uses a Mac. (Windows and Linux support are coming soon.)
How is it different?
Supports unix domain sockets AND network ports. This makes it CRAZY FAST (about 3 times faster for the average web app)
No config files. Literally EVERYTHING is configured from within the web admin, and it reloads in real time.
Real-world certificates. No "snake-oil", no "self-signed", no "add to your trust store".
How is it the same?
It's Open Source Software. Everything we trust in the modern web stack is open source, and loophost is no exception.
Language-agnostic. While loophost is built to be super easy for Python developers to install, you can use it to develop in any language and framework.
Websockets? Yep.
Running in debug mode? Absolutely. Breakpoints work just as you would expect.
How many apps can I have running? We have no idea, let's find out together.

Are you sharing this with a team or using it for mobile dev? Then it's time to upgrade.